Traditional Kitchen Product

Our philosophy

The Chambord collection is a harmonious blend of luxury materials and authentic French expertise. Our rich, historical heritage shines through our products, so when you choose Chambord, you are choosing to imbue your kitchen with the wealth of our history and a touch of the truly exceptional.

From design to manufacture and from the raw materials to the finished product, the power and beauty of French craftsmanship is expressed in each one of our products. A masterful blend of art and tradition, these will give your interior an aura of excellence.

By choosing Chambord, you are choosing to bring centuries of history and prestige into your kitchen.

By choosing Chambord, you are choosing a real sense of luxury à la française.

The Chambord Company may rely on exceptional French skill and expertise, but we take our inspiration from the historical prestige of our country’s kings, some of which are still a source of fascination to people around the world.

By associating each of our products with historically significant figures, we are working to promote our remarkable historical and cultural heritage.

First forged by Clovis, the King of the Franks who led the first great conquests of the French territory since Roman times, the long dynasties of French kings and their centuries of rule have profoundly shaped our country. 

From Clotaire and Charles to Henri and his lineage, the kingdom was alternately drawn, divided, reunified and remade by their decisions and their actions.  Wars were waged and alliances were forged every century, with victories and defeats marking memories and literature alike.  Over the course of its history, France has become synonymous with history, revolution and identity.

Forever known as the Sun King, Louis XIV is the very incarnation of French power and prestige.  With an influence reaching far across Europe and an unassailable hold on power at home, Louis XIV will forever remain the epitome of luxury and absolute power in French history.  However, his name and reputation have been joined by other equally ambitious figures such as Napoleon, France’s first Emperor, who shook the foundations of the Republic just as surely as he rocked much of Europe.

With this wealth of monarchs and the glory of their reign, the history of France constantly inspires the nation’s sense of tradition, prestige and authenticity.  Chambord is proud and honored to be a direct descendant of these men and this tradition.