Man has used tin, a resource found all over the world, for over seven thousand years.  Today it is sought for its qualities both in traditional applications and for use at the cutting edge of technology.  It is most widely known and recognized as the metal found on countertops of cafés, bars and restaurants, which are always lined with tin.

Tin is wonderful for use in the kitchen.  Thanks to its visual appeal and physical properties, tin will give your sink a timeless, elegant and high-class look.  Sinks made from tin age gracefully, taking on a beautiful patina over time.

Water marks and fingerprints will not blemish the surface of a tin sink.  Thanks to its low ductility, it helps protect your fragile items such as porcelain plates and crystal glasses.  Moreover, keeping your tin sink spotlessly clean is effortless: just wipe it with a sponge dipped in alcohol and watch it shine.

Guaranteed to be hand-made, and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.